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E-design is a design service offered electronically or virtually, meaning conducted entirely online. This form of communication optimizes time spent in obtaining key information through our booking questionnaire, designed to identify the specifics we need to begin the design of your space. Include as much detail as you wish. Upload photos and dimensions of your space to provide us with a detailed understanding of your space currently as well as the main objectives you are looking to achieve with our assistance. The more we know the better we can guide you through your home. We can’t wait to hear from you and secure your spot for our services!

Once we receive your information, our design team will get to work. Please allow two weeks for the design process. In two weeks' time, you can expect to receive an email containing two design boards containing furniture and decor items styled to scale and complete your look. This visual display of the product will come paired with individual shopping carts outlining the itemized products displayed in each design. Now, you have all that you need to execute a design in your space at your own pace!

At this time, we offer the option to share final design feedback where you may share insight on the items you were drawn to the most between the two design boards provided in order for our team to create one final look. Upon final receipt of feedback GHD will provide one final design board + shopping cart within one week.

There are NO purchase commitments, only purchase PERKS! Your final shopping cart will be delivered with a discount code offering 15% OFF if your products are purchased within two weeks of receipt. This is why we say; "Upfront, there is a fee but when it comes to checking out, the E-Design services become FREE at StyleMeGHD!". Think about it...our services can pay for themselves! We look forward to having you design and shop with us!



We ask you to share:

-Favorite StyleMeGHD must-haves
-Objectives for your final GHD design

Some of your time for a home that lasts a lifetime!


Within two weeks, we deliver:

-2 GHD Design Boards
-2 StyleMeGHD Shopping Carts
-1 Option for Final Design and Shopping Cart Revision

Execute your space at your own pace!


Enjoy 15% off your StyleMeGHD product purchase! Offer honored for two weeks following final shopping cart receipt.

Think about it… our services can pay for themselves ;)

Happy shopping!


In order to begin e-design services, please fill out the booking questionnaire below and purchase your E-Design plan. Once you make your purchase, one of our designers will review your questionnaire and contact you directly within two weeks.



Please purchase your desired E-Design services upon submitting your questionnaire and one of our interior designers will be in touch soon.