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StyleMe is a retail store by Guided Home Design which is an interior design firm based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. We have a brick and mortar located downtown and also sell all kinds of beautiful homeware online. Meet our team. 


Founder and CEO

Meet Kristen Hancock, the Founder and CEO of StyleMeGHD as well as the Owner and Interior Design Director at Guided Home Design. Kristen founded StyleMeGHD based on her strong desire to share the vast assortment of unique products she sources with the audience she had built over the years.“I am constantly exposed to so many beautiful items through the sourcing I do for my design firm. After years of requests pouring in from more people than I had time to “quickly” help find furniture or home decor items, I couldn’t resist answering the request once and for all. That is when StyleMeGHD was born.” - Kristen Hancock

Kristen traveled with her design team across the country to countless furniture, home decor and gift markets to identify the curated collection of products which would ultimately be introduced as the StyleMeGHD brand. They sought out items which are versatile in a range of styles, equally functional and aesthetically pleasing while cost effective yet maintaining a high level of quality. They soon identified the need for an extension of the brand in the form of a retail brick and mortar location in Old Town Scottsdale.StyleMeGHD is continuously expanding their team of specialists, visionaries and industry professionals to ensure they are offering the best in furniture, decor and fashion forward finds.


StyleMeGHD Chief Marketing Officer

Meghan is a brand and marketing specialist with over 10 years of experience working in the e-commerce and digital marketing world. Driven by her passion for innovation, creativity and connection, she takes pride in building the company’s brand image and the story behind it. She is responsible for planning and executing StyleMeGHD's omni-channel marketing strategies to result in a long-lasting brand whose mission is to help customers easily create a space they love.

She believes in the real power of a strong team and that marketing's job is never complete – it is always an ongoing and evolving process that needs to be consistently met with new ideas and opportunities. Meghan enjoys being able to expand her knowledge and creativity daily by studying and implementing the ever-changing marketing trends.

Meghan graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in business and communications. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA but loves coming back to sunny Scottsdale to work with the team in person every chance she gets. 



Angela grew up in St. Louis, MO, and graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia where she received her Bachelor's in Psychology and Minor in Business Management. Prior to joining the GHD team, she spent the last 10+ years at a Marketing agency where she progressed from Operations and Project Management to Human Resources. In 2017, she managed the development and logistics of a $1.8 million dollar commercial build-out reigniting her passion for the design and construction industry.

Angela serves in a dual role working with the executive team to plan, implement and manage Financial Operations and Human Resources for Style Me + GHD as well as Purchasing for Guided Home Design. As Purchasing Manager, she works closely with the design team managing the complete start-to-finish purchasing process, and overseeing client accounts and vendor relations.

Outside of work, Angela loves to travel and spends her free time wrangling her three little girls with her husband, Bobby.


StyleMeGHD Customer Relations Manager

Originally from Sarasota, Florida, Yiana moved to Arizona to pursue a degree at Arizona State University. With a passion for beautiful aesthetics and over 7 years of experience in customer service, Yiana fell in love with Guided Home Design's vision and sought an internship position with StyleMeGHD.

After almost 2 years, she has aided in the immense growth of the company by managing necessary back-end development and front-end customer service to better the overall customer experience.By starting as the only customer service representative for StyleMe, she has vast insight into what customers want and need and how to better the department, starting from the essential internal processes. Yiana believes in the power of communication and is motivated by growth. She carefully analyses every customer's concern and incorporates them to improve StyleMe's processes. With long-term goals of continuing to build strong customer relationships, she works closely with the marketing and buying team to ensure a comprehensive flow in all aspects of the shop. 


StyleMeGHD Merchandising Manager

Originally a California native, Shea fell in love with the warm weather and beautiful Arizona sunsets when attending the University of Arizona. As a graduate from University of Arizona, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainable Built Environments, Shea had been following Guided Home Design’s journey for quite some time. Her design experience and expertise in the industry led her to jump at the opportunity to join the team as a Purchasing Manager.

Since then she has transitioned into working as a Merchandising Manager for Style Me. Her responsibilities include overseeing the whole buying process and working behind the scenes with manufacturers to help curate and launch new collections. 


StyleMeGHD Senior Marketing Manager 

Originally from a small town in Pennsylvania, Sydney moved to Arizona to pursue degrees in Communications, eSociety, and Information Sciences. Upon graduation, Sydney moved to California to lead the marketing department at a large e-commerce company. As she grew in her career, she eventually became the Senior Marketing Manager of a digital marketing agency, where she began to work with clients in the interior design and home services industry.

With a passion for interior design and marketing, Sydney joined the team at StyleMeGHD as Senior Marketing Manager. Currently, she manages the company's social media, influencer relationships, SEO strategy, web design, and Google presence.

As a marketing manager, Sydney is proud to help tell StyleMeGHD's ongoing story while promoting the brand's products and collections. She continues to expand her marketing knowledge by frequently studying and implementing new marketing strategies.


StyleMeGHD E-Commerce Buyer + Customer Relations Specialist 

Julie grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in Communications. Julie is a wife, stepmom and home decor/interior design obsessed.

Since Julie was a little girl, she has always had an eye for fashion and design. Her talents were noticed by friends and family who hired her to assist with furnishing and decorating their home interiors. As this side hustle turned into an undeniable passion, Julie became determined to pursue her talents professionally. After 8 years in health care, Julie took the leap in following her dreams by seeking a position with StyleMeGHD. Julie was hired on as the e-commerce buyer and customer relations specialist based on her accelerated skill set of identifying stylistic trends far ahead of the masses, as well as her recognition of a product's appeal to a customer. As an asset to StyleMeGHD's forward thinking team, Julie strives to assist in expanding the brand's elevated aesthetic in a wide range of notable offerings to provide the StyleMe customer the ultimate shopping and purchase experience.


Graphic Designer + Email Marketing Specialist

Rachel brings 17 years of graphic design experience to the team. Ever since she was little, she would use her grandparents 'Paint' program on their computer to draw pictures over and over. She knew from early on she wanted to be a graphic designer. She obtained a Bachelor of Sciences in graphic design at Arizona State University. From there, she headed to downtown San Fransisco and started her first job as a digital artist for the Gap headquarters. Rachel worked in a variety of fields over the years; visual merchandiser, marketing coordinator, entrepreneur and everything creative.

She took a break from her career to start a family and became a mom of 2 girls. Besides motherhood and design, she enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, cooking and gardening. She loves working with StyleMeGHD and being surrounded by amazing interior design talent.


StyleMeGHD Customer Relations Specialist

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest in the cozy town of Jacksonville, Oregon, Savannah spent many years around her family’s small business - Good Bean Coffee. As early as 10 years old Savannah was greeting customers and making sure everyone who walked through her parent’s store had a memorable experience. This is where Savannah developed a unique ability to connect with people, understand different personalities, and ultimately master the fine art of customer service.

Over the years Savannah has applied those skills in a myriad of management roles, working in both the Health & Wellness and Hospitality Industries. Her passion for creating high quality experiences and making lasting memories for customers are what make her an outstanding Customer Relations Specialist and an invaluable member of the StyleMe team.Savannah currently lives in North Scottsdale with her husband Colin and their adorable Dachshund puppy Deebo. When not at StyleMe, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, traveling, or just cozying up to watch a good movie.


StyleMeGHD Warehouse Manager

From an early age Bowen has loved creativity and self expression, constantly finding herself trying new hobbies. She found a great passion for dancing, singing and creating art. She believes her love for this stemmed from her grandmother, who always encouraged her to try new things and to find power and beauty in originality. Bowen always knew her ideal job would be in an environment where she is surrounded by creative, like-minded individuals which led her to accept a job with us at StyleMeGHD. Bowen admires our story and our drive to bring beauty to the homes of our customers. She believes in the power of working as a team and encouraging the growth of others.

Bowen comes to us with experience in the industry, previously working at an interior design firm and a retail store where she worked in a fabric library and went to client installs. She has extensive customer service experience, as well as warehouse control. Having these skills made her perfect for the role as our Fulfillment Specialist. Working directly in our warehouse allows her to use her organization skills and attention to detail. She strives for accuracy to provide our customers the best experience, she wants each and every customer to be excited and most importantly happy for when their package arrives. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outside, practicing yoga, and playing the guitar. 


StyleMeGHD Intern 

Jayanti is a born and raised Arizona native. Having a love and passion for creativity she attended an interior design and merchandising program at East Valley Institute of Technology during her senior year in high school; providing her with the opportunity to receive a certificate in her Technical Skills.

Upon receiving this certificate she wasted no time in securing an internship, driving to the building and delivering her resume to the team herself. She is currently attending Scottsdale Community College as a part-time student to further her education in the design industry as she interns at StyleMe full-time; assisting in the production of the StyleMe and Guided Home Design instagram reels, as well as assisting with the fulfillment process of StyleMe orders.She thoroughly believes that as long as you know how to prioritize, focus, and manage your time you can accomplish just about anything you desire. Alongside her love for design, she has a great passion for film which fuels her creativity in the production of the StyleMe and Guided Home Design videos. 


StyleMeGHD Intern 

Parisse grew up in a small town in the Midwest before moving to Arizona to study Digital Marketing. Now, as a senior at Arizona State University, Parisse is planning to graduate in May of 2023. Parisse has been learning the back end of coding, graphic design, and marketing strategies while being a student and interning at StyleMe.Parisse older’s sister, Maddie, is the Design Director at Guided Home Design. Parisse was thrilled to follower in her sister's foot steps when she started her internship at StyleMe x GHD. Parisse has always had a passion for design, fashion, and photography since she was a little girl.

First in her internship, Parisse started out with GHD, helping create design boards for clients, attending client home installs and assisting the design team by helping turn their client’s dreams into a reality. Now, Parisse has moved to the StyleMe side, working closely with our marketing team on our online presence. Parises’s goal is to keep striving and learning new skills and techniques while interning.

Feel free to reach out to anyone on our team to help you with your needs. Head over to Guided Home Design to see our interior design services.