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Please review the below statement before checking out with our E-Design Services

Though E-Design, also known as Virtual Interior Design, is similar to traditional interior design, the project scope is vastly different. This E-Design Terms & Conditions defines the scope of work, establishes communication limits, and protects against scope of work changes, damages, and other issues.

1) E-Design Services is an online, nonrefundable, consultation design service only. All recommendations are designed to improve the look of your selected space with StyleMeGHD products. Guided Home Design makes no representations, and expressly disclaims all responsibilities, about the suitability, for any purpose, of the Design Concept. The design scheme is provided “as is” without expressed or implied warranty of any kind. Guided Home Design disclaims all warranties about the design scheme including all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

2) The client agrees to correspond strictly through online communication. The deliverables the client will receive are 2 GHD Design Boards, 2 StyleMeGHD Shopping Carts, and 1 Option for Final Design and Shopping Cart Revision.

3) The client acknowledges that Guided Home Design’s may be subject to copyright and trademark rights. Guided Home Design hereby reserves all right, title.  Proposals and the Design Concept are proprietary and exclusive to Guided Home Design, and the Client shall not copy, distribute, or make Proposals available to any third party without written permission. Under no circumstances shall the Client alter or remove, efface or obscure any logos or trademarks. Services do not include modifications to structural aspects of the home, just home decor, and furniture.

4) The client is fully responsible for providing the designer with the correct dimensions and information for the space. Guided Home Design is not responsible for the execution of the space after the final design board is accepted by the client. The client agrees to provide full information regarding their space and design preferences when they fill out the questionnaire. 

5) Client grants Guided Home Design and StyleMeGHD to share design boards and other materials for any marketing, email blasts, website, promotional, and/or advertising campaigns. Guided Home Design and StyleMeGHD will not use the client's name or address.

6) Upon checkout at StyleMeGHD, the client agrees to all customer terms and conditions on StyleMeGHD’s website.