At the beginning of 2022, our team launched our first destination collection. We are proud to bring you inside the story of the Tulum Collection, inspired by the beauty, peace and tranquility Tulum has to offer. This collection was also influenced by the city's mixology scene, gastro experiences and exhilarating nightlife.

Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD -  Folding Rattan Beach Chair

A Celebratory Trip 

"As the end of the year approached I found myself in awe of the success StyleMeGHD endured in 2020," explains Kristen Hancock, CEO & Interior Design Director of both StyleMeGHD and Guided Home Design. "I decided I would set a team annual sales goal of 2.2 million and the reward would be an all expenses paid team celebratory trip to Tulum on StyleMeGHD. I learned quickly that I underestimated our potential as we surpassed the annual sales goal before we made it halfway through the year. As we had a few months to plan for the trip we couldn’t help but be inspired by the authenticity of the eco-chic aesthetic this coveted vacation destination is known for. Naturally, being the designers that we are, we knew we had to do more than just relax and celebrate while visiting this secluded getaway. We set out to capture the spiritual and relaxing energy through our product assortment and styling. We went as far as designing our very own product line which made its debut in our Tulum collection launch. We saw a need for particular pieces in the market that we could not source from our current resources. Therefore, we decided to fill that gap by designing and manufacturing products which were delivered to us just in time for our departure to this town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. We are delivering all the products you need to bring the balance of energy and tranquility Tulum has to offer to your home or beach near you!" 

Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Beach Towels and Blankets
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Organic Dining
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD -  Linen Throw

Embracing Eco-Chic Resort Style

We sought out the most trend-worthy materials of the moment; linen, rattan, cane, rope, straw, fringe, stone and ceramic to utilize in the design of the most essential home, pool and beach products with a whole new notably stylistic level of detail. If you're packing up for a day in the sun you will not want to forget our Folding Rattan Beach Chair. This portable lounger is perfect for the beach, pool, picnic or any instagramable moment while it looks good from every angle. We made transportation easy with a cotton woven carrying strap included. Have your hands-full headed to the beach? We figured, which is why we designed our portable beach umbrella as an easy to carry accessory in it over the shoulder cotton strap carrying case. Complete your beach packing list comfortably with some shelter from the sun. Thoughtfully made from water resistant canvas that is perfect for protection from even the unexpected midday showers. Take cover in style!

Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Folding Beach Chair
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - White Fringe Umbrella

Print Photography

"My favorite part about the trip was creating the Tulum Print Collection," Kristen says. "This includes a collection of original photographs which were taken by members of the StyleMeGHD team. This collection of prints manually transports you to this stunning luxury vacation destination through the lens of StyleMeGHD. The Tulum moments capture the grounding essence of the energy in the air. Lending the perfect collection of gallery wall images for a guest quarters to instantly promote a vacay vibe through all the visuals. We will continue to travel to various locations across the globe to document idyllic departures from the day to day, and into a destination of daydream bliss. Print collection coming soon!"

Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - StyleMe Team
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Beach Hats

Notable Materials

Our Textured White Matte Plate is the first of our dinner plate designs. The final finished material used on this plate is notable. We went back and forth in the design process to get the finish perfect. We saw a gap in the market for tablescapes with an organically round shape and a bright but matte white finish. The bright white plates in the market tend to have a sheen to the finish which takes away the earthy element we were after. The texture we achieved provides a visual resemblance of natural stone while being smooth enough to serve on and maintains a user friendly cleaning experience. Natural stone would have the tendency to absorb pigment and oil but our ceramic provides the perfect surface for maintaining its bright white beauty for many meals to come. Paired with our Fringe Napkin Set made of 100% linen, these two make a natural chic dynamic duo.

Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - White Textured Plate
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Boho Placemat

What's Next 

We are very excited to have released the first of our very own StyleMeGHD line. The assortment we are introducing were thoughtfully sourced to be cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and functional home and beach accessories. From here on out we will be continuously expanding on our offering of initial introductions. More new releases are in the works and will launch with other collections throughout the year ahead of us. The Tulum Collection is the first of many to come. 

Desert Aesthetic - StyleMeGHD
Desert Home Design - StyleMeGHD
Boho Desert Aesthetic - StyleMeGHD

Shop the Tulum Collection

We have a wide variety of products in this collection, ranging from $11 to $860 with the majority of the products falling under $100.

Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - White Fringe Hammock
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Stoneware Vase
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Boho Placemat
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Dried Botanicals
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Glass Vase
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Straw Beach Bag
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - White Fringe Umbrella
Tulum Collection - StyleMeGHD - Wooden Board