~ A faux Christmas tree. We chose the most cost-effective 4.5 ft. white tree to use for our base. We linked the tree we used here! Choose the size based on the space you plan to use it in and how many plumes you'd like to use.

~ A whole lot of pampas. We used around 250 single stems of our Natural Luxe Pampas Grass and Greige Pampas Grass, varying in sizes of small, medium, and large. This number will vary depending on the size of your tree base.

~ Clear plastic round ornaments with lace ties.

~ 6-Pelt New Zealand Sheepskin Rug.

~ About 1-2 hours.

~ Make yourself a nice cup of hot cocoa, throw on your elf hat, and let's create your very own Pampas Christmas!

note: The pampas do shed, especially when handling it in this fashion, so make sure to keep your vacuum handy for quick cleanup.

We were so excited to put a StyleMe touch on the holidays, but most importantly to share it all with you. We hope you got the most out of this tutorial and will share you very own Pampas Christmas Trees with us on social media.

Happy Holidays from all of us at StyleMeGHD.